This blog is about names, names of photographers that capture their moments forever,
showing their lives in different perspectives.

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Hiepler & Brunier

Hiepler, Brunier, are photographers working as artists and for numerous international clients, advertising and design agencies, for a lot of magazines and architects.

Eric Valli


Eric Valli, photographer and French director.

Luis Mileu


Luis Mileu based in Portugal, is one of the most talented photographer. He knows how to capture the essence of people through their expressions, their portraits, their deeper look.

Simon Davidson


Born in New Zealand, raised in Sydney, Simon Davidson discovered photography at the age of 25. His early years of photography were spent in the darkroom developing film and printing black and white images. Moving to New York in the late nineties to assist fashion photographers, Simon returned to Australia in the new millennium to further assist before dabbling in fashion photography himself. A chance excursion to a street drag racing meet one cold winter evening changed the direction of his work. He has been photographing Australian custom car culture as a personal endeavour for the last decade. This project has allowed him a healthy editorial career in the V8
car scene leading to an advertising career. While the cars are central to the project, the people and the characters are a rich source of subject.

Peter Hapak


Peter Hapak, 1973, Hungary, is a versatile photographer based in the US. He works for commercial and editorial clients, but his main focus lies on portraiture and the human body. For Time Magazine he has created impressive series, of which the latest is called The Protester. Time had named the Protester as person of the year 2011 and commisioned Hapak to travel to seven different countries to portray the protesters. In countries as Egypt, Spain, Greece and Tunesia he set up a makeshift studio in hotel rooms, anarchist headquarters and even in a temple in India. Peter also asked the portrayed to bring mementos of protest.

Alejandro Cartagena


Alejandro Cartagena lives and works in monterrey, mexico. his projects employ landscape and portraiture as a means to examine social, urban and environmental issues. His work also engages with a larger history of photography by reinterpreting or rethinking the ways in which poignant issues have been addressed or represented in the past.


Tomasz Lazar


Born in 1985. Studied IT at Zachodniopomirski University of Technology. Emerging young documentary photographer born in Szczecin. Studying photography at European Academy of Photography and making his diploma under the guidance of Izabela Jarszewska and Tomasz Tomaszewski.


Tom Hull


Tom Hull born in the autumn of 1979 in Greenwich, London. His personal work explores human interaction and involvement within the contemporary landscape. Through careful observation and use of a muted colour palette, He scrutinize banal and routine situations, often concentrating on notions of isolation within these spaces.